Are you or a loved one concerned about possible hearing loss? The following questions may help you make a quick assessment:
Does everyone seem to be “mumbling”?
Are you missing key words in a conversation and asking people to repeat?
Is it difficult to follow a conversation when in a group or in a restaurant?
Do you feel tired and irritable after a long conversation?
Do family members complain that you turn the TV or radio up too loud?
Do you misunderstand what others say and respond inappropriately?
Do you have difficulty hearing the doorbell or telephone ring?
Has someone close to you suggested that you get your hearing checked?
Do you avoid telephone conversations because it’s just “too hard” to hear?
Does your hearing difficulty cause you to limit or hamper your personal
   and social activities?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions above you should consider scheduling a hearing evaluation. We welcome you to contact our office for an appointment and we look forward to helping you with your hearing needs.

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